Amit Segal
Amit SegalYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Channel 12 political pundit Amit Segal noted on Wednesday that he does not believe that the religious Zionists are receiving their due credit in the war, considering the fact that a significant percentage of the soldiers who have fallen in the war come from that sector.

"I must say something that I've been refraining from saying," said Segal, "When heroes from the Druze community fell, we honored their heroism. In addition, a discussion arose about whether that common fate should cause us to rethink the Nationality Law."

Segal said that for years there has been a "crusade of defamation and division against the religious Zionists, for instance, against the Eli pre-military academy. 'It's poison; it must be closed down,' they said; 14 of the fallen soldiers are alumni. 45% of the fallen soldiers are from the religious Zionist sector, and even more, if you count what is called the 'clear kippot' - the ones who are no longer religious [but were raised on religious Zionist values]."

"And no one even mentions it. No one says 'Maybe what we thought about those 'crazy' people on the hills in Judea and Samaria, with side curls, tzitzit, and an Uzi submachine gun, maybe we should stop and think again.' Forget it, you don't even have to think again, you don't even have to stop evacuating outposts; just say that sentence."

Those who identify with the religious Zionist sector make up about 20% of Israel's population according to a 2019 poll.