The Shomrim organization in the UK published security footage showing an unidentified man riding past haredi Jews on a bicycle and deliberately knocking their hats off of their heads.

According to Shomrim, the assailant also punched multiple victims in the head.

The incidents occurred near a synagogue in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of northern London.

London has seen a string of antisemitic incidents and attacks over the last few days. Several hundred meters from the scene of one of the attacks, a Star of David graffiti was found with a 'X' sign. Inscriptions calling Jews 'evil' have been found in several of London's most popular parks.

Police are still attempting to identify a man who earlier this month threatened Jewish children before accosting a Jewish mother pushing her baby in a stroller and shouting at her "I will kill you."

The "Campaign Against Anti-Semitism" organization published additional videos in which an unidentified woman was seen shouting at Jewish children who were standing outside a synagogue "I will kill all of you Jews", and another person who was shouting "Heil Hitler."

According to data from the London police, there has been an increase of hundreds of percent in the number of antisemitic incidents in London since the Hamas massacre of October 7.