Duvi Honig addressing HomeLand Security Event
Duvi Honig addressing HomeLand Security EventOrthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce

The recent refusal by a representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross to bring life-saving medicine to Israelis taken hostage in Gaza has brought attention to the delicate balance of humanitarian aid and political conflict. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Red Cross denied the request to deliver a box of medicine to the hostages, a decision that has sparked outrage in Israel.

In a shocking response to critics for not doing enough to visit the Hostages, Mirjana Spoljaric, head of the Red Cross, says that Israel needs to address the demands of the Hamas before her organization can take action in helping the hostages. She believes that Israel has a responsibility in the situation.

Hate blinds.

Humanitarian groups have long been champions of peace, justice, and human rights, often working tirelessly to protect and support vulnerable populations around the world. However, there has been one glaring exception in their mission and it is to stand up and denounce the brutal acts of terror against Jews.

Time and time again over the years, we have witnessed the shocking and inhumane murders of Jewish individuals at the hands of Hamas and other extremist groups.

One would think after the shocking and barbaric October 7th murders, kidnappings, beheadings, burning, all violent and harrowing, with accounts of women being raped, families being torn apart, and innocent children being subjected to unspeakable horrors, the UN and the Red Cross organizations would speak up. However, they have sadly chosen to remain conspicuously silent, failing to condemn these barbaric acts and stand in solidarity with the Jewish community, with many of their representatives in Gaza being on the Hamas Payroll for years, including mainstream media outlets who fail to report the truth.

One particularly horrific and disturbing account that has gone largely uncondemned by the humanitarian community is the chilling incident of Hamas roasting to death a child on Oct 7th in front of its mother in their kitchen oven, forcing the mother to stand by and watch. This horrifying act of cruelty is just one example of the unfathomable suffering endured by Jewish families at the hands of these barbarians. This has been largely overlooked by those who purport to champion human rights. How can one sleep at night after hearing such a story and choosing silence instead of speaking up and sharing with the world such vicious murder of innocent civilians?

Another act of barbaric and appalling murder which Hamas committed on Oct 7th is the account of cutting open a pregnant Jewish mother's stomach in front of her husband and children, taking out the baby and shooting it in the head, followed by the unlawful execution of the mother and father in front of their children.

The terrorists filmed and boasted about their horrific actions.

The failure to denounce these barbaric actions constitutes a glaring blind spot in the humanitarian community's commitment to standing up for the rights and dignity of all people. It raises serious questions about the consistency and sincerity of their advocacy for human rights and their willingness to speak out against injustice, regardless of the identity of the victims.

To remain silent in the face of such egregious human rights violations is not only a betrayal of the fundamental principles of humanitarianism but also a dangerous concession to the forces of hatred and intolerance. By turning a blind eye to the suffering of the Jewish community, humanitarian groups risk undermining their own credibility and effectiveness in their mission to create a more just and equitable world. And what starts with the Jews does not end with them...

The United Nations special rapporteur for Palestinian rights Francesca Albanese has become a polarizing figure due to her controversial remarks and one-sided criticism of Israel. One such remark that has sparked widespread backlash is Albanese’s frequent comparison of Israel to the Nazis, particularly in relation to Israel’s policies towards the Palestinian Arabs, when nothing could be farther from the truth. This comparison has been widely condemned as deeply offensive and inflammatory, as it not only minimizes the horrors of the Holocaust but also demonizes the Jewish state.

Additionally, Albanese has stirred further controversy by suggesting that Israel and American evangelical Christians weaponize antisemitism to silence critics of Israel, dismissing legitimate concerns about antisemitism as a tool behind criticism of Israeli policies.

Moreover, Albanese’s statement that it is not an international crime to kill soldiers has been met with criticism for its disregard of international humanitarian law and the legal protections afforded to combatants in armed conflicts.

Her comments suggest that she is antisemitic and potentially on Hamas' payroll. They are deeply troubling and further highlight the need for impartial and fair representation at the United Nations.

Albanese's decision to remain silent on the barbaric murder and rape of Jews, while also painting Hamas as victims, is simply unacceptable. It is the responsibility of the UN's representation to uphold and promote human rights and condemn all forms of violence and aggression, regardless of the actors involved..

It is long overdue for the United Nations and human rights groups to be held accountable for their antisemitism, bias against Israel and their support of terror. The recent historic hearing by Foreign Affairs & Human Rights Committee on Capitol Hill, led by Congressman Chris Smith, signifies a crucial step in addressing the UN's long-standing bias against Israel and the need for the international community to demand an end to these biased practices.

The testimony provided during the hearing shed light on the unjust treatment that Israel consistently receives from the UN. Witnesses, such as Hillel Neuer UN watchdog group based in Geneva, Switzerland calling on Albanese's resignation and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce testimony, emphasized the need to hold the UN accountable for its promotion of antisemitism and to address the biased practices that undermine its original purpose of promoting global peace and security.

Highlighting UN hypocrisy is the appointment of Iran to head the UN Human Rights Committee, despite its horrendous human rights violations, while simultaneously condemning Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, for its actions.

The United Nations' handling of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been marred by bias and double standards, as evidenced by its turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Hamas. Rather than condemning the murder of innocent Israelis by Palestinian Arabs, the UN chooses to justify these heinous acts and demonize Israeli settlers who act in self defense as aggressors. It even skewed the report of violence, putting Arab violence against Israelis on the list of "settler" violence. In reality, in Gaza, it is Hamas who is murdering its own people and stealing humanitarian aid meant for the Gazan Arab population sent over by Israel.

The Red Cross, which has been accused multiple times of collaborating with Hamas, is further evidence of the UN's skewed approach to the conflict. Instead of holding the Palestinian Arab leadership accountable for their misuse of funds and facilities, the UN continues to call for more humanitarian aid without addressing Hamas confiscating the humanitarian aid sent to the Palestinian Arab civilians in Gaza and shooting at and murdering Palestinian Arab children and civilians who try to stop them or take from the supplies.

Furthermore, the hypocrisy of Western countries, which ban Jewish individuals from entering their territories while allowing those with Palestinian Arab ties to do so, is a clear display of bias. The UN's failure to address these inconsistencies and hold all parties accountable perpetuates the cycle of violence and suffering.

The UN is not just failing to denounce terror against Jews but is also failing to condemn Hamas barbaric actions on its own people. It promotes humanitarian aid for Gaza when it knows Hamas is confiscating it all and not making it to the people and fails to call them out.

An example of how the UN most recently turned a blind eye on Hamas operatives was their failing to condemn Hamas when terrorists fired live shots at Gazan civilians taking aid from trucks carrying humanitarian supplies from the Rafah crossing meant for civilians. Hamas confiscated them, shooting dead an innocent Palestinian boy, Ahmed Poola, as he was taking aid from a humanitarian truck. This sparked outrage and further violence within the Palestinian Community resulting in clashes breaking out between members of the Poola family and Hamas operatives in the Tel a-Sultan neighborhood, where the police station and tires were set on fire.

It is time for these organizations to acknowledge their failure to speak out against the brutal treatment of Jews, to recognize the humanity and suffering of all people, and to take a bold and unequivocal stand against the atrocities committed against the Jewish community. Anything less would be a disservice to the principles of compassion, justice, and solidarity that are supposed to lie at the heart of their work.

Duvi Honig is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce