MK Mansour Abbas
MK Mansour AbbasDanny Shem Tov/Knesset spokesperson

MK Mansour Abbas, chairman of the Ra’am Party, demanded on Monday that what he defines as a "humane approach" be adopted in the military campaign in the Gaza Strip.

In a short speech in Arabic which he game in the Knesset, Abbas said that "this issue must be treated from the human aspect, and I believe that this will have an effect on the other side as well."

"Our demand today is being made clearly and openly, and it is that this war come to an end, not just a ceasefire. and the search for an appropriate diplomatic way to end the Arab-Israeli conflict," he added.

About a month ago, Abbas supported the formulation of comprehensive policy initiatives that would deal with the complex situation and offer practical and realistic solutions to the war and the demand to establish peace.

He pointed out at the time that the Israeli leadership must present a diplomatic path as an alternative to war even if it insists on the same stated goals, and the Palestinian Arab leadership and its various organizations must move from the reaction phase to proactive policies.