Hamas terrorists
Hamas terroristsAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Hamas on Sunday evening claimed to have arrested a group of Palestinian Arabs who "collaborated" with Israel to collect intelligence in the Gaza Strip in the immediate aftermath of Hamas' October 7 massacre, JPost reported, citing Palestinian Areab media

According to the report, one of the "collaborators" admitted to being assigned by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) to monitor the homes of Hamas leaders across the Strip. In addition, it was claimed that they were ordered to report on any movement observed by Hamas terrorists in the area.

Another alleged spy admitted to searching for the whereabouts of Hamas leaders with the aim of eliminating them, the report claimed.

The suspects were arrested by Hamas after the group "received data and documents described as dangerous, which included the names of all" Gazans who are "collaborating" with Israeli forces.

Hamas claimed that following the suspects' arrest, it had successfully obtained a "strategic treasure" of Israeli intelligence information.

Hamas, which took over the Gaza Strip in a bloody coup in 2007, regularly claims to have captured “Israeli spies”, and many times it tries them and sentences them to death.

In September of last year, Hamas authorities executed two Palestinian Arabs who were convicted of assisting Israel by giving it information that resulted in the deaths of two people.

This past May, a military court in the Gaza Strip sentenced several Palestinian Arabs who were convicted of providing information to Israel to be executed by hanging and by firing squad.