.June 7, 1967: Dayan and generals on Temple Mount
.June 7, 1967: Dayan and generals on Temple MountGPO, Ilan Bruner

In the aftermath of the massacre of over 1,200 civilians by Hamas on October 7, it is imperative to discern what is the root cause of this unspeakable evil that has befallen Israel so that it never happens again. Never Again? Haven't we heard that before? How is it that IT DID HAPPEN again – although on a smaller scale, and, moreover, here, at home, in Israel, the home of the Jews?

Since 1948, there only have been three Generals (Aluf/Rav Aluf) that have become Prime Minister: Yitzhak Rabin, Erud Barak and Ariel Sharon. Every single one of them has been nothing but a disaster to Israel - a curse enduring to this very day. They gave birth to national catastrophes. Their legacy is nothing but endless recurring tragedies and despair. They literally endangered the Nation.

Despite the countless irrefutable evidences bearing witness to the legitimacy of Israel's right to her Land, former generals turned prime ministers – without any exception, either Left or Right – surrender Jewish Land to implacable foes. Their appealing slogan "Land for Peace" morphed into "Land for Blood".

STRIKE ONE! Oslo Accords (1993) - Former General turned Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin allows the ruthless PLO to operate from Israel's soil, triggering a hecatomb. Rabin invited arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat and his goons to leave Tunisia (where they took refuge after having been forcibly expelled from both Jordan and Lebanon) to come establish their headquarters in Israel's heartland: Judea-Samaria.

Israeli academic Efraim Karsh defined these Accords in 2016 as "the starkest strategic blunder in [Israel's] history," creating the conditions for « the bloodiest and most destructive confrontation between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs since 1948 » and radicalizing "a new generation of Palestinians" living under the rule of the Palestinian National Authority and Hamas with "vile anti-Jewish (and anti-Israel) incitement unparalleled in scope and intensity since Nazi Germany."

Karsh noted: "All in all, more than 1,600 Israelis have been murdered and another 9,000 wounded since the signing of the DOP [Declaration of Principles] - nearly four times the average death toll of the preceding twenty-six years."

STRIKE TWO! At former General turned Prime Minister Erud Barak's initiative, Israel dissolves the Security Buffer Zone between Israel and South Lebanon (2000). Outcome: Hezbollah's terror tunnels, hundreds of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel as well as another October 7 waiting to happen at any moment. They won't ask permission prior to proceed and they have plenty of 'martyrs' willing to rush in.

STRIKE THREE! Former General turned Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gives away Gaza (2005). Outcome: Hamas' terror tunnels, thousands of rockets fired indiscriminately, suicide bombings, kidnappings and the appalling October 7 massacre.

YOU'RE OUT! That's it! No more, ever, FORMER GENERAL as Prime Minister since these three confirmed being unfit for Premiership and constitute a clear and present danger to the State.

In their blind zeal, they destroy with one hand what they achieved with the other. They destroy as Prime Minister what they have achieved as Generals. As if they felt guilty for having won the war; as if victory was a reprehensible achievement; as if they were driven by the futile hope that giving away Jewish Land will quench the unfathomable demonic rage that drives these hashishins to kill Jews. Well - Good luck! - because for these Hamans, even too much is still not enough.

Israel is five time smaller that Cuba. Never mind self-determination! Let Israel's anti-Semitic Arabs (excuse the pleonasm) go self-determinate - or self-terminate if they wish - in their own ancestors’ homeland. They already have 21 countries, ain't that enough?!

So it's not "Anyone but Bibi!" (whatever one thinks of his future), but "Anyone but a former General!" Even amateur Yair Lapid couldn't do worst than these - which tells a lot!

We judge the tree by its fruit, not by its rhetoric. Former Generals keep on singing their self-fulfilling 'UNITY' lullaby hoping that we will rally around them like sheep. "The threat is nowhere but here, we've got to unite!" But, ultimately, we do have to unite to clean up the mess they put us into.

The facts don't lie: the common denominator between all of these national tragedies is the former Israeli General turned Prime Minister. A law should be enacted preventing Generals from becoming Prime Minister. Unless, of course, one wants to bring Israel to annihilation.

If we've learned anything from the hell they put us through, it is:

Beware of Benny Gantz! Beware of Moshe Ya'alon! Beware of Gadi Eisenkot! Beware of any other aluf eyeing Premiership!

The Trojan Horse is already in and has morphed into a former General eyeing the Premiership.


Marc 'Edge' Doyonis with Légende Communication, Quebec, Canada, where he is a computer graphic artist specializing in visual communication.