MK Dan Illouz
MK Dan IllouzArutz Sheva

MK Dan Illouz (Likud) on Thursday published an op-ed in the American news website The Hill, in which he warned against the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Illouz, who serves as an alternate member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, stressed in the article the risk of rewarding Hamas’ terrorism after the Simchat Torah massacre and called on the State of Israel to stand firmly against pressure on the issue from the US, France, Britain and other countries.

“The Oct. 7 massacre highlights the existential threat that Israel faces, drawing parallels to the intentions of its most vehement adversaries. A grant of statehood under these circumstances would not only embolden terrorist factions but could bring similar violence to central Israel, endangering countless lives,” he wrote.

“History has shown that terrorist attacks like that of Oct. 7 must be repaid with overwhelming defeat, not diplomatic gains. Israel, while adhering to international law and sparing Palestinian civilians, cannot bow to pressure that would allow Hamas to benefit from its massacre,” stated Illouz.

“Confronting terror with strength and resolve, while pursuing viable, peaceful alternatives, is the only path forward,” he stressed.