The frost is coming: In recent days, the temperatures have been dropping on the war front in the north of the country, as well as on the front in the south - where the soldiers are exposed to winds and rainstorms coming from the sea and the open lands. The fighting conditions are already difficult in the swamps and under the heavy rains, but most of all the cold heightens the suffering of the soldiers, imbued with motivation – their entire ambition is to wipe out the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah, but the lack of thermal clothing and electric batteries makes them shiver.

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This morning, about 20 volunteers of the 'Vaad Tzedakah' travelled to Mt. Hermon and the northern point of Israel, where special units of IDF soldiers are fighting the enemy from Lebanon. The volunteers distributed over 300 sets of thermal clothing for the soldiers. This is the tenth trip of the volunteers to the front to distribute warm clothing and field kits suited to the cold conditions for the soldiers - in the north and south.

In the last month, the charity organization "Vaad Tzedakah" has been investing all its resources from the south of the country to the northern point on the border with Mt. Hermon and Lebanon, to raise resources and send more and more aid boxes for the soldiers who are dealing with the growing cold, which include: comprehensive thermal clothing, electric batteries for the field, insulated tents and hermetic sleeping bags. In addition, the organization's volunteers distribute gas-fueled coffee kits to each battalion, knives for logistical operations and mobile chargers. "Only this way the soldiers will be able to protect us," says one of the volunteers who returned today from distributing another 300 sets of thermal clothing to the soldiers in Mt. Hermon on the border with Lebanon.

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However, the soldiers are begging to provide them with more heating kits so that they can better deal with the field conditions and their fighting missions. "Not everyone received kits. We are imploring everyone who can help to arrange this for us. These are the most necessary and critical things for us now" said the company commander in the field. Vaad Tzedakah is working to raise another 100,000 kits for the soldiers and is asking for your help.

A freezing fighter has trouble protecting us!

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