Houthi assault
Houthi assaultREUTERS

The Pentagon is expected to announce tomorrow that it is launching an operation against the Houthis in the Red Sea, according to Politico. The operation is to be named 'Operation Prosperity Guardian.'

Throughout the operation, a special task force is expected to protect ships in the Bab al-Mandab Straight and the Red Sea. The operation will include navies from 139 countries that are fighting piracy and terrorism in the Red Sea.

Norwegia has already announced that it will send officers to participate in an operation in the Red Sea.

Earlier, Prime Minister Netanyahu told Secretary Lloyd Austin that the Houthis are a threat to maritime travel for the entire world. "This is a fight against the Iranian axis of terror that currently threatens to close the naval passage through Bab al-Mandab, which threatens the freedom of maritime travel for the entire world."

"I appreciate the fact that you are taking action to open the shipping lanes. This is not only an Israeli interest, but an interest of the entire civilized world," Netanyahu added.