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The Knesset's Economics Committee has approved regulations which will require riders of electric bicycles and scooters to attach license plates to vehicles.

The new regulations were compiled following a bill put forth by MK Yakov Asher (United Torah Judaism), according to which the license plates will be registered in the name of the rider, instead of under the vehicle itself, in an attempt to place responsibility on the rider himself.

Earlier this year, the Knesset plenum on Wednesday night approved in a preliminary reading a bill to amend the Transportation Directive such that license plates will be required for electric scooters and bicycles.

The bill, put forward by MK MK Etty Hava Atia (Likud) was approved in a 9-0 vote before being put to go to the Economics Committee for approval.

The bill was attached to a bill proposed by MKs Yakov Asher and Moshe Gafni, both of United Torah Judaism. It echoes a bill put forth by Asher in 2021.

The amendment proposes that the Licensing Authority create and manage a database of information containing a registry of individuals who own electric bicycles or electric scooters. It also proposes requiring that no one ride an electric scooter or electric bicycle which does not bear a license plate.