Israeli tanks on the coast of Gaza
Israeli tanks on the coast of GazaIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Late News: Innocent civilians will have heeded the order to move. What is left are terrorists. That’s why we had the tragic accident on Shabbat. Baruch Dayan Emet.

Why: Risk precious lives in urban warfare? It’s too costly. Flatten the buildings and bury the terrorists under the rubble.

In Gaza: Israel kills children and innocent civilians are the headlines. Half the population are children. Hamas include 17- and 18-year-olds, when in fact they are the terrorists. Millions of civilians died in World War II. Remember Dresden, Hiroshima and Narasaki? We don’t need lectures from the US or UK.

They: March for Gaza, calling Israel its occupier, when in fact we created the two-state solution already in 2005 when all Jews left the Strip and we even emptied the cemetery and took our dead with us. It was their golden opportunity, but Gazans chose Hamas.

Two State: Solution for Spain in Catalan, for Quebec in Canada, for Switzerland in Tyrol, and then you can preach to us.

Our: IDF officers lead from the front, hence so many high-ranking casualties.

Shame on: Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai who is celebrating to promote tourism, while our troops are fighting and dying and the hostages are not free.

Psalm 83: Sums up my feelings.

And: More.