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New York City has seen a surge in antisemitic property crimes since Oct. 7, according to the NYPD.

The New York Post reports that there were 185 such crimes from Oct. 7 to Dec. 10, an increase of 85% over the 73 such incidents in the same period last year.

Rabbi Yanky Hecht of Sunset Park Chabad was shocked to find two menorahs sponsored by his synagogue had been vandalized - one knocked over by a cyclist on Fifth Avenue, and the other stolen from Sunset Park itself. It was found smashed nearby.

Rabbi Hecht's brother and brother-in-law, both of whom also displayed Chabad-sponsored menorahs in public, reported that their menorahs had been vandalized as well. Vadals also grafitied Rep. Dan Goldman's (D) office.

“This is something intentional, in the heat of the moment, where people feel they have the right to lash out against Jewish people and Jewish symbols and it’s unacceptable,” Hecht said. “They don’t realize the Jewish people, when they face darkness, they become stronger and brighter than before."

Jeremy Lebewohl, the owner of 2nd Avenue Deli — which was defaced with a swastika on Oct. 17 — agreed. “We’re not going to be bullied or made to be scared,” said Lebewohl, who put up more Israeli flags after the incident.