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Gimme a break, wouldja?

There would be no Hamas in Gaza without the “innocent” citizens of Gaza. They elected them in 2006.

There would be no Islamic Jihad in Gaza without the “innocent” citizens of Gaza. They encouraged them.

There were elections. Jimmy Carter was there and said the elections were fair and legitimate. He said he was surprised that Hamas did so well, winning in a landslide, but that was the fair and honest representation of the “innocent” citizens of Gaza.

When the Twin Towers buildings toppled on 9/11, the “innocent” citizens of Gaza were in the streets dancing and celebrating, handing out candies to children to teach them: this is a good thing. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. It is this message in so many words: “That is our culture here in Gaza. When nearly 3,000 infidels in America, mostly Christian but also some Jews, go to work for a day at the office and end up dead, burned in an inferno, and buried under a pile of structural rubble, that is a good thing. Maybe some day you, too, can learn to fly a plane into a building and be a shahid, a martyr, for Allah.”

The “innocent” citizens of Gaza.

Through five previous wars with Israel, the “innocent” citizens of Gaza have supported the terrorists. They have played along and made merry. They cheer when rockets kill Jews in Israel. They line the streets to mourn when a terrorist is killed by Israel.

The “innocent” citizens of Gaza.

After each of the five previous wars, Netanyahu and his governments agreed to stop fighting without winning. Each time, Hamas declared the ceasefires “victories,” and the “innocent” citizens of Gaza danced in the streets, handed out candies, and celebrated another “victory” over the Zionists.

The “innocent” citizens of Gaza.

When Hamas perpetrated its Shabbat Shmini Atzeret massacre of October 7, they came in with maps of the various kibbutz communities they would slaughter. The maps were comprehensive: they showed homes, room by room. They listed people’s names, whether they had house pets, even the names of the dogs. It was remarkably comprehensive. The terrorists knew exactly whom to look for, how many Jews to expect in each home, whether to watch for dogs or avoid them, the best entry point.

How did they know? Where did they get that kind of info on individual homes? That is not on Google Maps. It is not on TikTok. So how did they know with such precision? They got the information from the "innocent" civilians of Gaza. Read on.

It goes back to the “Conceptzia” — the Conception — that highest IDF echelons and Israel's government, both promulgated and adopted in concert with their advisors in the Shin Bet (Israel’s FBI) and Mossad (Israel’s CIA). The Concept was that the “innocent” citizens of Gaza would became regular normal people, like Israelis, like Americans, if they only would be given economic incentives and betterments too good to give up. Make them richer than they ever hoped, than other Arabs in other Arab countries. So Israel allowed Qatar to send hundreds of millions of dollars to the “innocent” citizens of Gaza. Israel allowed concrete and steel and ample fuel to enter the Strip to allow the “innocent” citizens of Gaza, supposedly, to build themselves new, better homes and villas like in the movies.

And, pursuant to the Conceptzia, Israel allowed up to 17,000 — count ‘em, seventeen thousand — “innocent” citizens of Gaza to enter into southern Israel each and every day to work for Jews in that region at wages way, way higher than anything imaginable back in Gaza.

As life’s paradoxes play out, a great many of those Jews in southern Israel were/are peace activists, Jews who pressed Israel to make deals with Yasser Arafat and to trust him. They celebrated the "disengagement," as just. They were delighted to show their trust in the “innocent” citizens of Gaza by employing them in their homes, on their farms. And so the “innocent” citizens of Gaza got to see the layouts of the homes: the rooms, the entry points, the number of people, the number and names of kids, even the dogs.

And then, after each work day, the “innocent” citizens of Gaza went back home. Another day, another shekel. A shekel saved is a Jew burned. They supplied their data learned to Hamas. Many of their kids are in Hamas. Many of them are in Hamas. In all, estimates are that 40,000 Hamas terrorists live and operate in these tunnels that are so extensive that they run 300 miles. That’s a 5-hour drive on a highway. That’s more than the distance from New York City to Boston. More than Nashville to Atlanta. More than Los Angeles to Las Vegas. More than New York to Washington, D.C. A bit less than Louisville to Atlanta. Exactly St. Louis to Chicago.

The Gaza tunnel system is as all-encompassing comprehensive as the New York City subway system, covering everywhere. Hamas turned Gaza into a veritable duplex, two floors, “upstairs” on terra firma and “downstairs” in the tunnels with the rats.

The “innocent” citizens of Gaza knew this was going on. When an exterminator comes to a home in America, people ask them to come incognito so the neighbors do not know. I know when my neighbor is remodeling his kitchen, and he knows when I am clearing out my garage. The moment I do serious garage clearing, realtors descend on my home like vultures in the desert, all smelling a sale. “No,” I respond, “I am just clearing out my garage because I am not a hoarder.” Disappointment shows. “We’ll getcha next time.”

The “innocent” citizens of Gaza knew what was going on all these years. They knew they were not getting villas but tunnels. Not cars but rockets and missile launchers. They knew the shiploads of imports were not TV sets and computers, but rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles.

When they were polled shortly before October 7 by the Washington Institute, 57% supported Hamas.

And from whom does Hamas recruit those tens of thousands? From the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? From the Quakers?

A survey by the Palestinian Center for Research on Policy and Investigations (PCPSR) showed the intensity of that population’s support for terror.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that, on October 7, thousands of Gazan civilians rushed into Israeli towns to assist Hamas, decapitating Jewish children and raping Jewish women.

The “innocent” citizens of Gaza

The “poor mothers” of Gaza are not innocent. Journalist Jotam Confino reported on a Hamas terrorist who called his mother on the day of the attack. “I killed 10 Jews with my own hands. I’m using the dead Jewish woman’s phone to call you now.” His mother replied, “May God protect you.”

So spare us with moaning for the poor “innocent” citizens of Gaza. They are poor because they allowed their assets and bounty to be used for building and acquiring the weapons to murder Jews.

And they are not innocent.

Adapted by the writer for Arutz Sheva from a version of this article that first appeared here in The American Spectator.

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