Yossi Dagan and IDF soldiers clean hateful messages painted on Joshua's tomb in Samaria
Yossi Dagan and IDF soldiers clean hateful messages painted on Joshua's tomb in SamariaRoi Hadi

The IDF and the Samaria Regional Council on Wednesday night cleaned the tomb of Joshua ben Nun in the village of Kifal Harath in Samaria, after it was vandalized with malicious graffiti, including encouragement of Hamas and the October 7 massacre.

The tomb complex was repainted and all hateful inscriptions were erased. Head of the Samaria Regional Council Yossi Dagan, a team of volunteers, and a reserve unit from the 9221 Battalion of the Ephraim Brigade, headed by commander, Lt. Col. Shmulik Friedman, cleaned the complex, including painting the inscription, "Death to the Jews," with white paint.

"We are the light and they are the darkness, the light will always defeat the darkness! We are in the tomb of Yehoshua (Joshua) ben Nun – the first Jewish chief of staff. Here are our roots, here we are holding on to the land of Israel, here are the roots on which the State of Israel was founded, and in these days when we are fighting a barbaric and cruel enemy, who slaughters women and children, it is no wonder that the same enemy, who does this with one hand, is also trying to damage and destroy our holy sites with the other hand, because these are our roots," Dagan said.

He added, "On behalf of the communities in Samaria and all the people of Israel, I would like to thank the commander and soldiers of Battalion 9221 from the Ephraim brigade. Together we are supporting the soldiers of the IDF, the entire people of Israel everywhere - in the north, in the Gaza region, in the south and in Jerusalem, together with the beloved and dear soldiers of the IDF."

"We are one iron fist, and we will defeat the barbaric enemy. We are here, to show our ownership, correcting this act of ISIS terrorism, the damage to the tomb of Yehoshua ben Nun and from here we stand and say – the nation of Israel lives, the nation of Israel will win."