Israel's ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, told Sky News on Wednesday that Israel would not accept a two-state solution when the war with Hamas ends.

Pressed by interviewer Mark Austin on the question of Palestinian Arabs having their own state, Hotovely replied, "Absolutely no."

Asked how there can be peace without a Palestinian state, she said, "Israel knows today and the world should know now... that the Palestinians never wanted to have a state next to Israel."

"They want to have a state from the river to the sea. They are saying it loud and clear," she added.

Hotovely also noted that that the Palestinian Authority, led by chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has refused to condemn the October 7 attack by Hamas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that the PA, which pays families of terrorists, will not be part of the solution in Gaza after the war, putting him at odds with the position of the US, which favors the PA as ruler of the Strip after the war.

In the Sky News interview, Hotovely was asked about UN demands for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, after the General Assembly passed a non-binding resolution on the issue.

"Ceasefire? No. It just basically means we would like to welcome another attack [like that seen on] October 7," she responded.

She also pushed back on US President Joe Biden's comments to donors on Tuesday, suggesting Israel was bombing Gaza "indiscriminately".

"Do you remember any country in the world creating a humanitarian corridor to the enemy? I don't remember you helping Nazi Germany during the war, and I don't remember America helping the Japanese during the Second World War," said Hotovely.