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President Biden is reported as saying that Netanyahu and his government ‘don’t want’ a two-state solution.

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Israel’s prime minister needs to change his hardline government and support for the country’s military campaign is waning amid heavy bombardment of Gaza.

Speaking to Democratic donors in Washington, Biden said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a “tough decision to make.”

“This is the most conservative government in Israel’s history,” Biden said, adding that the Israeli government “doesn’t want a two-state solution.”

Biden said Israel was beginning to lose support around the world, and said Netanyahu “has to strengthen and change” the Israeli government to find a long-term solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The remarks amounted to some of Biden’s most candid to date when it comes to his view of the ongoing conflict. He has mostly seemed as if he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Netanyahu - in public - despite mounting criticism of the Israeli campaign.

The pressure upon Israel to stop doing what is necessary to end the evil Arab Muslim threat at our doorstep is mounting.

Even more than that insanity, Biden wants to force upon Israel the failed ‘two-state solution’, which not only doesn’t solve anything, but makes our situation much, much worse!

He and his administration are totally ignoring the fact that Oct. 7th woke up most Israelis to understand that there is no difference between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, and the two-state solution is not a solution, but a recipe to destroy Israel.

So, even though there is no longer any support from Israelis for the ‘two-state solution’, Biden still wants to force it upon us while stopping us from ending the existential threat we have both from Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, together with their financial patrons – Iran, Qatar and the United Nations!

And all this, while there is record support from Israeli society for Israel to do everything that is necessary in order to end all threats against Israel, on all of our borders. Never before, since the Oslo accords, has there been such a consensus of support for such military action to defeat our enemies in Gaza, Judea & Samaria, and in Southern Lebanon.

Israelis want to end this terror threat once and for all, and live in peace, without the fear of a repeat Simchat Torah Oct. 7th terror attack that can happen at any moment, on all of our borders.

Israelis, from down South and up North, only want to return to their homes after the threats are totally neutralized. And the Biden administration not only wants to stop us from providing the necessary security for Israelis, it wants to create a Palestinian Arab state that most Israelis understand today will be a permanant fixture of terror against all of us.

But don’t worry, we have Hashem on our side. Just internalize the Hanukkah story we are celebrating today!

Biden, his administration and all of our enemies should remember 3,000+ years of Jewish history. It is clear.

We are a miracle. The existence of the Jewish people, despite thousands of years of persecution and exile, are proof that G-d exists!

All of the evil empires that have tried to destroy us are gone. We are still here.

World leaders should internalize the following simple message – Don’t mess with the Jewish people!!!

The Hanukkah holiday celebration is exactly this story. “Those who bless Jews will be blessed. Those who curse Jews will be cursed.” The Bible is clear.

Instead… allow us to defeat our enemies, help us defeat our enemies, which is also helping us protect the freedom-loving world.


מי לה׳ אלי!!! Whoever is for G-d, join with me!!*

*(Matthias' words at the start of the Maccabee rebellion)