A 16-year-old teenager has been arrested for allegedly planning to attack a synagogue in the Austrian capital of Vienna, The Associated Press reported.

The teenager, who was arrested Thursday, had announced in online chats that he intended to procure a weapon to attack an unspecified synagogue in Vienna, Interior Minister Gerhard Karner said.

The suspect had already obtained the financial means for the attack, Austrian news agency APA reported.

Officials did not identify the suspect but said he lived near Steyr in northern Austria.

His home was searched and several electronic data carriers were seized, APA reported.

Austrian authorities have beefed up security for synagogues and other Jewish and Israeli institutions following an increase of antisemitic incidents following the Israel-Hamas war.

In 2019, Austrian authorities foiled a plot to carry out a series of terror attacks, including a bombing at one of Vienna's Christmas markets, by terrorists who had been influenced by Islamic State (ISIS) ideology.

A year later, Vienna was hit with a terrorist attack when an ISIS supporter, who had been convicted and imprisoned for trying to join ISIS in Syria, went on a shooting rampage in the city, killing four people.