Maya and Itay Regev, who were released from Hamas captivity, testified that "every day there is like hell."

At a Saturday night support rally for families of hostages, a testimony by the Regev siblings was among the difficult testimonies screened.

In their video testimony, the two said, "The days there pass like an eternity, the days are incredibly difficult.
If it's the hunger, if it's the longing for the family if it's the difficult mentality, the difficult conditions."

"Every day there is like hell."

They added that there is, "abnormal fear, zero sleep. At night the longings are crazy and the not knowing is just scary."

"We have a friend named Omer whom I miss very much, bless him," they added. "Omer is still there and I know what he is going through there and I know what fear there is."

"Omer and all the hostages must be returned now! As soon as possible."