Margalit Moses, who was released from Hamas captivity, spoke about her experiences while in Hamas captivity. On Saturday night, at the support rally for families of hostages, difficult testimonies were screened from those who returned from Hamas captivity. Moses' was among them.

In her testimony, she says: "My name is Margalit Moses, 77 years old from Kibbutz Nir Oz. On October 7th I was kidnapped and taken down to the tunnels in Gaza."

"At night I have to be attached to an oxygen machine, and I took it with me to Gaza so that I could sleep.
One of the terrorists who got mad at me, took the device from me even though I told him it was my oxygen. I spoke to him in Arabic and he understood the meaning but he didn't care."

She added that for "49 days I did not sleep. It was very difficult."

"There were mental difficulties, there were physical difficulties and every day that passes it becomes more and more difficult.

"Being held hostage in the tunnels is an unbearable situation. We must return the people as soon as possible."