As part of the IDF's combat operations in the Jabaliya neighborhood, the "Yahalom" combat engineering unit’s special forces received information regarding the presence of terrorists in the area and their intention to fire at our forces.

Consequently, the soldiers carried out focused raids and identified suspicious movement in one of the buildings.

The troops conducted a firefight from outside the building. After entering the building, the troops searched and identified two terrorists who fired at them, and threw a grenade in their direction. The soldiers engaged, shot and eliminated the terrorist.

Earlier on Saturday, the IDF reported that as part of the Nahal Brigade's activity in Jabaliya, troops of the 931st Battalion received information regarding the presence of Hamas terrorists and weaponry in nearby structures. Consequently, the troops launched a targeted strike on those structures.

The terrorists had set up an ambush in the same area, preparing to attack our forces as they passed through the central traffic route. The forces flanked the enemy through one of the alleys, surprising them and firing at the terrorists.

The terrorists fired back at IDF forces and threw grenades.

The firefight continued until the terrorists were eliminated. During encounters that occurred in the same area over the past few days, additional terrorists were eliminated by troops from the 931st Battalion, uncovering weaponry and terrorist infrastructure.

Additionally, several terrorists were eliminated by tank fire and by IAF UAVs.