IDF soldiers late on Friday night identified terrorists in an anti-tank missile launching post, from which shots were fired toward Israeli territory last night. In response, the IDF struck the terrorist cell.

In addition, earlier on Friday, the IDF struck a manned observation post belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Early on Saturday morning, the IDF reported, "Overnight, a number of launches from Lebanon toward Israeli territory were identified. In response, the IDF fired toward the sources of the launches. "

"In addition, overnight, IAF fighter jets struck a series of Hezbollah terror targets in Lebanon. Among the targets struck were operational command and control centers used by the terrorist organization."

The exchanges of fire continued through Saturday afternoon, with the IDF reported "a number of launches from Lebanon toward several areas in northern Israel."

No injuries were reported, and the IDF responded by firing towards the sources of the fire.

IDF tanks also fired in the area of Metula in order to remove a threat.

Just after 5:00p.m. on Saturday, the IDF reported that additional launches from "toward several areas in northern Israel were identified," but no injuries were reported.

"The IDF is responding with fire toward the sources of the fire," the IDF said.

"Furthermore, a short while ago, in response to the launches from Lebanon throughout the day, an IAF fighter jet struck a Hezbollah operational command center in Lebanon."