Yuval Kastelman
Yuval KastelmanCourtesy of the family

Military prosecutors met yesterday with the family of Yuval Kestelman and presented them with the main developments in his case.

Simultaneously, the military police, along with the military prosecutors, worked to carry out additional checks with the relevant professional parties, which produced additional relevant information. In accordance with this information, it was decided that there was a reasonable need for an autopsy as part of the investigation.

This new information was presented to the family, and the family consented to exhume Yuval. Upon receiving their consent and after considering all relevant aspects of the case, the military police investigative department and the military prosecution ordered the opening of the grave and the transfer of Yuval's body to the Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy. A court order was requested and granted for the procedure.

Yuval was killed in a recent shooting attack in Jerusalem when two terrorists began shooting at civilians at a bus stop. He drew a personal firearm and attempted to neutralize the terrorists, only to be mistaken for a terrorist himself and shot by two soldiers also responding to the incident.