I had an incredible experience behind the scenes of the Tzama show in Jerusalem and had the opportunity to chat with the renowned artist Avraham Fried.

The concept of his new children's book, "Ani Shar" (I sing), is fascinating with the integration of his songs and explanations on glossy, colorful pages. It's wonderful that the book provides a multi-sensory experience, combining visual and auditory elements. 14 songs are in the book, and with just a switch of a button, you can listen to the song and follow in the book the words and see the beautiful pictures. What a great Chanuka present. The book is available in Israel in all major bookstores.

Avraham Fried, whilst in Israel, also performed for the soldiers in various army bases. During these challenging times, the power of music to uplift spirits and bring joy is incredible. It's touching that he mentioned being strengthened by the soldiers' faith and strength, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit even in difficult circumstances.

The message of hope and optimism, particularly as Hanukkah approaches, is beautiful. Celebrating the triumph of light over darkness is a meaningful theme, especially during times of conflict. It's heartwarming to hear that despite the challenges, there is a sense of unity and anticipation for redemption.

Wishing you and everyone a Happy Hanukkah filled with light, joy, and hope for a brighter future!