A Hamas terrorist cell armed with RPG anti-tank missiles was identified by IDF Field Intelligence soldiers operating in a civilian area in the northern Gaza Strip.

IDF troops then directed a precise aerial strike against the cell.

All of the terrorists in the cell were eliminated by the IDF during the operation.

Earlier on Thursday, the IDF cleared for publication that a few days ago, the IAF eliminated Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a senior terrorist operative from Hamas’ military intelligence unit.

Rantisi had been responsible for field intelligence in the Gaza Strip and participated in the planning of the October 7th massacre.

He was eliminated in an attack on Hamas’s central intelligence command center along with Ahmed Aiush, a terrorist operative from Hamas’ Carrara Battalion observation unit.

This command center was responsible for compiling field intelligence from across the Gaza Strip and served as a significant strategic hub for Hamas to direct combat activities, supporting attacks on IDF soldiers.