Sara Netanyahu with the Regev family
Sara Netanyahu with the Regev familySpokesperson

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Wednesday visited the home of the Regev family, whose children Maya and Itay were returned home from being held hostage by Hamas. She embraced them, their brother Guy and their parents, Ilan and Mirit.

Mrs. Netanyahu spoke at length with the family about their horrific experience at the hands of the Hamas terrorists, the medical treatment they subsequently received in hospital, Itay's injury and their return home to their family and friends.

"I am so happy to meet you in your home. I prayed for your return and that of our loved ones. I am pleased to meet you and finally see you smiling. I prayed for this moment,” she told the family.

“Maya and Itay, you endured a hellish experience. The entire nation followed with worry and looked forward to your return. You are engulfed in the love of your family and of the entire people. You are safe now.”

"I know firsthand that the Prime Minister worked around the clock in order to overturn every stone and bring you back home safely. I know that he is continuing to do everything in order to return all of the hostages safely. Welcome back home," she concluded.