Francesca Albanese
Francesca AlbaneseReuters/Lev Radin/Sipa USA

In a post which would shock Joseph Goebbels with its sheer audacity and evil, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian Territories Francesca Albanese responded to a call for Hamas to release the hostages it kidnapped on October 7 as “unacceptable.”

What kind of deranged mind finds it “unacceptable” to demand that a genocidal terrorist organization release the innocent people it unlawfully kidnapped and has kept in terrible conditions for two months?

What kind of monster finds it “unacceptable” to demand that Hamas release an eleven-month-old baby who was kidnapped when he was just nine-months old?

The kind of monster employed by the United Nations, that' who, whose human rights bodies, women’s organizations, and entire apparatus has ignored, downplayed, or justified the massacre of October 7. From the Secretary General to the General Assembly, from UN Women to the ‘Human Rights’ Council, the UN has done everything in its power to protect the terrorists who butchered more than 1,200 people, burned babies in ovens, and committed horrific acts of mass rape.

It even employs some of the monsters who committed these crimes against humanity, such as the UNRWA teacher who kept one of the hostages in an attic without sufficient food or medical care for 50 days.

Francesca Albanese has never faced any consequences for her repeated engagement in blatant antisemitism, from her use of the ‘Jewish Lobby’ canard to her insistence that Israel still has no right to defend the lives of its citizens and that Hamas has the right to engage in anti-Jewish violence when referring to the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

Because that antisemitic insanity is the reason she was hired in the first place.

Hamas is open about its goal of wiping out every Jew not only within the borders of Israel, but on the planet. And Albanese will do everything she possibly can to help Hamas achieve this genocidal goal, just like her employer, the United Nations.

There have been few causes in modern history that have been as clearly and starkly black and white as the current war between Israel and Hamas. On the one side is a terrorist organization whose entire reason for existence is to wipe out an ethnic group from the face of the Earth, to commit total genocide against over 15 million people, which gleefully filmed its act of genocide, of murder and rape, on October 7, which has pledged to continue to commit those atrocities again and again and again until there are no Jews left alive anywhere, and which not only uses its own people as human shields, but shoots them dead when they refuse to be used as human shields.

On the other side is a nation attempting to stop this genocide and prevent a second Holocaust, to allow its people to live in peace and security and return all of the people taken hostage, while doing everything it possibly can to minimize the harm to the civilians on the other side.

Francesca Albanese and her UN employers are firmly on the side of those who seek to wipe out the Jewish people. They will defend their right to murder every last Jew for as long as it takes them to accomplish their mission. Every accusation against Israel is designed to further that goal. There is nothing Albanese can say that is antisemitic enough for her to lose her position at the UN, because there is no limit to the antisemitic depths the UN as an institution is willing to sink.

All around the world, monsters like Francesca Albanese have cheered for Hamas’ crime and demonstrated in support of the rapists and murderers, the kidnappers and torturers. They chant ‘gas the Jews’ in Sydney Australia and ‘From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free’ on the streets of New York and London. They force Jewish students to barricade themselves in a library at Cooper Union College and a Jewish teacher to barricade herself in an office at Hillcrest High School. They assault Jewish students at Columbia and Harvard Universities, and target Jewish-owned felafel shops in Philadelphia. They throw firebombs at synagogues in Canada, and murder an elderly Jewish man in Los Angeles.

Many of the younger people involved in these acts, the high school and university students, side with the monsters of Hamas out of youthful stupidity rather than evil. But they have taken the side of evil just like the brainwashed children of the Hitler youth, and as long as they are on the side of the modern-day Nazis, of those who seek to finish what Hitler started and take greater pleasure in murdering Jewish children than the Nazis ever did, they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt any more than a truly evil person like Francesca Albanese, who is no child.

There are real monsters in this world. They don’t have fangs like Dracula or fur like werewolves. They aren’t the size of skyscrapers like Godzilla. They are human beings who have a bloodlust for Jews that puts Dracula to shame. They are people who boast to their parents about having murdered ten Jews. They are teachers who keep Jews in attics for 50 days. And they are the pseudo-intellectuals who attempt to use every rhetorical trick imaginable, every lie they can think of, to defend Hamas and hamstring Israel so that Hamas will be free to murder every Jewish person on Earth, down to the last child.

That is the kind of antisemitic monster Francesca Albanese and her UN masters embody.

Gary Willig is a member of the Arutz Sheva news staff.