One of the farms
One of the farmsNo Credit

Right-wing activists are criticizing IDF Central Command Commander Yehuda Fox after he ordered the confiscation of weapons from several farm owners in Judea and Samaria.

According to them, the weapons were given to the farmers, former IDF combat soldiers, who for the past few years have been contending with constant attacks and agricultural terrorism by Arabs. At the time of publishing, at least seven weapons had been confiscated from the farm owners.

"The confiscation of weapons that were lawfully owned and were our only tool for self-defense for years against dozens of Arab attacks against the farms is the abandonment of the farms' residents who are a defensive line for the entire settlement.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the Central Command Commander is working hand in hand with anarchist leftist organizations who run the 'settler violence' campaign and often harass the agricultural farms that stop the Arab takeover of state lands. It is difficult to ignore the feeling that the confiscation of weapons in the middle of a war is meant to cause the farm residents to abandon their pioneering activities and leave the land so the PA can take over. This is a very dangerous and reckless decision, and we call on anyone who can to stop this crime," the farms stated.

In a conversation with Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, a military official explained that "it must be understood that anyone who wears a uniform and receives a weapon from the military represents the State of Israel and the IDF. The weapon is to protect the village or farm from terrorists and not to solve criminal conflicts. Unfortunately, in several incidents, they did not summon security forces to attend to the incident and took the law into their own hands. In places where we took the weapons, we ensured there was a security arrangement in the area."