A Malaysian citizen in his 30s who believes that "there is hate coming from Malaysia to Israel," but that both countries could benefit from a partnership was arrested for publicizing his opinion on social media.

The video has already garnered over four million views.

In a video, Victor Yong Jen Ong - who will remain under arrest at least until Saturday - said, "There is hate coming from Malaysia to Israel, because of misinformation, developed by Fatah and Hamas organizations on the ground ... misinformation, misleading, in order to corrupt the Malaysian mindset. To turn the Malaysian people against the nation of Israel."

He continued, "The children of Israel are mentioned in the Quran. The scriptures of Islam demand that love be extended to the children of Israel. But radical Arab terror differs from that. And radical Arab terror has been very active in Malaysia for the past 75 years. ... Ultimately, it’s also because Malaysians know very little about what the nation of Israel is. That the nation of Israel is actually very small, just a sliver, a tiny sliver of land. A very small nation indeed, hardly a threat to the 400 million Arabs in the region."

Victor believes that "the only way to reduce this situation of Fatah and Hamas terror, the only way to destroy the intellectual insidiousness of these techniques meant to align Israel, would be to extend information, would be to showcase the beauty and peace-worthiness and innocence of the Jewish People."

"The Nazis, in Germany, in the Second World War were very big on exterminating Jewish People. Why? Because of envy. The toxic envy against the children of Israel."

"Malaysia and Israel are at peace, because the Malay people are very kind people," he added. "Unlike the radical Arab terrorists, the Malays have accommodated multiple ethnic groups in Malaysia, and therefore peace is really here at our doorstep. And the Israeli nation itself, is widely misunderstood in the Muslim world. ... It’s a perfect commonwealth."

He continued, "Israel and Malaysia can benefit from each other from an economic standpoint – a lot! Trade and commerce ought to occur, between Malaysia and Israel, to benefit and strengthen two peoples. The power of the Jewish People lies not in its numbers, for the numbers are few. It lies not in wealth, for not every Jewish person is wealthy. In fact, more than 80% of the nation of Israel is normal-salaried and below average even. So, that means it is common everyday people, civilians working together."

"The Embassy of Israel has to be built in Malaysia, following the Emirati and Bahraini examples, that the Embassy of Israel will bring so much culture to Malaysia, concerning Jewish people. Enlighten all of us as to what the truth actually is. And as the adage goes, 'the truth shall set us free,'" he concluded.