Chana Katzir
Chana KatzirCourtesy of the family

Carmit Palty-Katzir, daughter of 77-year-old Chana (Hannah) Katzir, who was taken hostage by Hamas and released two weeks ago, said that her mother's medical condition has deteriorated since she was taken hostage.

In a Wednesday morning interview with Galei Zahal, Palty-Katzir said, "My mother's condition is considered serious. There has been a deterioration in her condition due to her time in captivity. She was kidnapped without heart issues, and now she has serious heart issues, due to the harsh conditions and starvation."

Prior to Katzir's release, the Islamic Jihad terror group claimed that she had died in captivity of medical complications. Following her release, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said, "Despite Hamas's psychological warfare, we must refrain from spreading unverified information. In this case, dear Chana Katzir returned to her home after terrorist organizations claimed she was killed several days ago. We must not forget for a moment that Hamas is a cruel enemy and so we must rely only on official reports."

Nir Oz released a statement that despite the reports of her death, they still believed she was alive: "She is a strong woman, from the generation of the founding fathers, and despite her health conditions she was a true survivor. We did not believe that she had died in captivity."

Katzir is a mother to three, and a grandmother to six. For several years, she treated the children of the kibbutz with great dedication. She requires both a walker and life-saving medications, and was kidnapped on October 7th to the Gaza Strip without either one. Her husband, Rami Katzir, 79, was murdered by terrorists during the attack. Her son, Elad (47), is still in captivity.