In the midst of an ordinary day, an unsuspecting Israeli family was thrown into a harrowing survival story. Terrorists took over their city, and after 4 hours they managed a narrow escape, a night of horror that they hoped would be the end of their ordeal.

However, the aftermath of October 7th has proven to be a different kind of battle.

Elisha Shafer*, the teenager who heroically led his family to safety, started experiencing unexplained and severe symptoms shortly after the attack. This led to a shocking medical diagnosis, revealing a serious condition exacerbated by the intense stress of their escape.

Now, with the threat of terror behind them but facing a new challenge, the Shafers are in a fight for Elisha’s health and their family’s stability. The medical expenses and the need to support a family in crisis have brought them no choice but to seek help from the community.

This is not just a story of survival; it's a testament to the resilience of a family facing adversity beyond their control. We all need to support each other these days. Please, donate generously here to help the Shafers through this overwhelming ordeal.

*Photo has been used for illustration purposes only. Name has been changed to protect privacy.