60th day of the war: The IDF increases activity in Gaza and encircles the city of Khan Yunis. Commander of the Southern Command Major General Yaron Finkelman stated today (Tuesday) that the use of force is at its peak. "We are in the heart of Jabalia, in the heart of Shejaiya and as of tonight, also in the heart of Khan Yunis."

"We are in the most intense day since the beginning of the maneuver – in terms of terrorists killed, the number of encounters and the use of fire from the ground and from the air. We intend to continue to attack and intensify achievements," Finkelman added.

Since the resumption of fighting in Gaza after the ceasefire, the Air Force planes carried out two rounds of attacks with dozens of planes from all IDF fighter squadrons. Many terrorist targets were attacked, including operational infrastructure and anti-tank positions for the purpose of assisting and preparing the ground for the forces maneuvering in the field.

In recent days, IDF fighters have been operating in the heart of Hamas terror strongholds in Jabalia and Shejaiya and conducting battles with terrorists. In these areas, the two divisions of the Southern Command, Division 162 and Division 36, which lead the fighting in Gaza, are operating.

Starting tonight, IDF forces are also fighting in the Khan Yunis area. During the past few days, infantry, armor, engineering, and air force forces have been fighting terrorists in face-to-face encounters, during which they have killed many terrorists. In addition, IDF fighters are destroying weapons and terrorist infrastructure, above and below the ground.

The forces of the 36th Division raided the area of ​​ Shejaiya. The combat soldiers launched an attack with the aim of killing the terrorists in the area, locating rocket and anti-tank launchers, and destroying them, and damaging the underground infrastructure. This is in order to significantly damage the enemy's capabilities and allow the continued advance of IDF forces into Gaza.

Over the last day, the forces of Division 162 attacked Hamas strongholds in the heart of Jabaliya and destroyed many terrorist infrastructures in the area. The forces raided and gained control over central outposts of the terrorist organization in the region, while stumbling upon operational incidents and eliminating Hamas terrorists. In addition, the forces located weapons and terrorist infrastructure, some of them also in civilian buildings, including a school.