IDF: Hamas continues using civilian areas for military activities

The IDF has located additional military infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Al-Shati area of the northern Gaza Strip, a spokesman said Tuesday afternoon.

"Hamas uses civilian infrastructure such as schools and civilian buildings to launch rockets, store weapons and carry out attacks against the IDF," the spokesman said. "This is just one example of the broader operational method used by Hamas in Al-Shati and other areas."

"It reflects Hamas' combat tactics throughout the entire strip - using civilian buildings and infrastructure for terrorist purposes.

"Hamas continues to endanger the lives and safety of Gazan civilians."

Earlier on Tuesday, the IDF conducted a targeted raid on a Hamas Internal Security Forces command and control center in Jabalya, where they located observation and control materials, weapons, and maps.

IDF troops also operated in Hamas strongholds and destroyed terrorist infrastructure in the area, taking control of key military posts from which attacks on IDF troops have been carried out.

The troops struck terrorist infrastructure, located weapons and launchers in civilian compounds, and directed aerial forces to strike numerous terrorists.