Erdan at Harvard
Erdan at HarvardIsraeli mission to the UN

Gilad Erdan, the Israeli ambassador to the UN, screened the movie Bearing Witness, the IDF's compilation of footage showing the October 7th massacre, in Harvard University. This is the first time that the movie has been screened in an American university.

Prior to the screening, Erdan spoke to the hundreds in the audience and criticized the university's conduct: "After the Hamas massacre and the silence of Harvard's leadership, it became clear that the moral threshold of Harvard is vanishingly low."

"For an academic institution that claims to set the value of the truth above everything, this is even more disappointing. The silence after the massacre in the face of marches supporting terrorism on campus and the attacks against Jewish students on campus show that Harvard has become a dangerous place for Jews," he accused.

"Instead of becoming a place for the leaders of the future to grow, Harvard has become a place for raising supporters of terror. Harvard has ignored the Hamas atrocities, leading to support for Hamas on campus. The support for baby murderers has created more hatred towards Israel, towards Jews, a tsunami of antisemitism that has washed over Harvard. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not unique to Harvard - we see it in all leading academic institutions in the world. Elite universities are raising supporters of terror, instead of ethical leaders for the future. This is a worrying and frightening phenomenon."

"This movie will change the way you see the Middle East, and the war in Gaza, and it is all of our responsibilities to spread the truth and ensure that the horrors you will see tonight will never be repeated. As you watch this video and the orders that Hamas happily carried out, understand that we are talking about a terrorist organization that sees us as insects to be exterminated, and not people. To prevent another such massacre in the future, the only option we have is to destroy Hamas."