Breach in the Gaza border fence
Breach in the Gaza border fenceAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Hamas equipped its terrorists with maps that are thought to have been compiled using inside information on IDF bases, according to a report Tuesday morning in The Guardian. The maps were captured with Hamas terrorists and displayed to journalists by the IDF.

According to the report, the maps were found on a terrorist who entered Israeli territory during the October 7th invasion and included precise lists of bases and outposts that appear to have been compiled based on evidence from spies.

"The map, which goes into extensive detail, was almost certainly compiled by a Hamas spy, according to Israeli sources," the report states.

The report also notes that Hamas terrorists carried with them specific instructions how to take hostages and a Hebrew-Arabic phrase book to help them communicate with the hostages.

The information was based, among other things, on analysis of mobile phones, computers, and documents seized in Gaza by the IDF over the course of the war, and the IDF is working to analyze the data in order to understand the entire plan behind the October 7th massacre.

Among other things, the proportions of the plan are becoming clear: The Nukhba force was ordered to proceed from Israel's southern district to its central district and to attempt to paralyze military targets from which the IDF could dispatch larger fighting forces and so impair Israel's response to the attack in all the areas Hamas planned to reach.

The plan has caused the security services to believe that most of the terrorists did not know of the attack plan and its entirety, and discovered its size only on October 7th.