The vigil in Seoul
The vigil in SeoulAliya congregation Korea

A group of South Korean Christians have convened in their capital of Seoul outside the Israeli Embassy and for the past 2 weeks have stood there, night and day, to proclaim their support and solidarity with Israel.

Community leader Jang Sang Gil expresses, “We’ve assembled shifts of concerned citizens who want to show our collective support of Israel because we care about Israel, we condemn the murder of innocent people, we care about the hostages and we want to bring them all safely home. We’ve stood here night and day for the past two weeks, and we’ll continue showing the world that we support them.”

Community leader Jang Sang Gil
Community leader Jang Sang GilCourtesy

A delegation from Shalva National Center in Jerusalem, a non-profit organization benefiting people with special needs and disabilities, traveled recently to South Korea. In the past fifty days since the October 7th massacre and the ensuing outbreak of war in Gaza, Shalva has not only perpetuated its usual work, but also assumed a dual role as a National Crisis Response Center, providing shelter, activities, and facilities for over one thousand Israelis evacuated from their homes in Gaza border communities.

Jang Sang Gil, who leads the Korean Aliyah Headquarters, has been supporting Israel through various efforts, including dispatching help to Israeli soldiers and providing support for Shalva’s National Crisis Center. He and his community are avid supporters of Israel and have gone to great lengths to show that they stand with them. He proudly declares that “Korean Christians will always be with Israel.”