Northern border
Northern borderMichael Giladi/Flash90

The IDF Spokesperson announced this morning (Sunday) that a launch was identified from Syria toward Israeli territory. The projectile struck the Golan Heights. No injuries were reported.

"The launch was not intercepted according to protocol. IDF artillery struck the source of the launch," the IDF stated.

Syrian media also reported that shells fell on the border of Syria and Lebanon, fired as part of the fighting between Beirut and Jerusalem.

Earlier, the IDF announced that "the reservists of the 551st Brigade Combat Team completed their task in the area surrounding Jabalya. During the activity, which began before the operational pause, the soldiers located and destroyed operational tunnel shafts of the Hamas terrorist organization. One tunnel shaft, located in the courtyard of a school complex had a depth of dozens of meters. Another operational tunnel shaft was located in the home of an operative from Hamas’ naval force."

"The soldiers, in cooperation with special forces, worked to neutralize the underground infrastructure and they secured and isolated the areas to the north of Jabalya.

"As part of the activity, the soldiers neutralized terrorists, while cooperating with the IAF and the brigade’s intelligence and fire teams. In addition, the soldiers of the brigade destroyed enemy capabilities and terrorist targets, and seized a large amount of military equipment, including weapons, grenades, explosives, launchers and ammunition," the IDF Spokesperson said.