Sheep (illustrative)
Sheep (illustrative)Flash 90

A violent confrontation broke out between Palestinian Authority Arabs and Israelis in a farm near the Samaria town of Havot Yair during Shabbat (Sabbath). The Samaria Regional Council reported that dozens of PA Arabs gathered in the vicinity of the farm and threw rocks at Israeli shepherds.

According to one of the reports, after the confrontation, several PA Arab vehicles were torched. The Red Crescent reported multiple gunshot wound victims that required hospitalization.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan commented: "We will not accept any attacks on shepherds in any farm in Samaria. These repeated attacks by terrorists against Israeli farms and shepherds should be treated with the utmost harshness, and the IDF and ISA must arrest the terrorists involved. We are talking about a danger to lives. We must change our approach to this - these are bloodthirsty terrorists."

The owner of the farm, who is currently drafted into the IDF, commented: "At approximately 4:00 my shepherds were on the hilltop opposite my farm with the flock, four shepherds and a flock of goats. A group of 30 to 40 terrorists started pelting them with rocks. One shepherd was lightly injured in the arm and leg. We tried to push them back until the army arrived at the scene."