Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuFlash 90/Dana Kopel/POOL

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening answered questions for journalists, while speaking at a press conference.

Among the questions was one regarding the coalition funds which were directed to haredi education under the newly-approved budget.

In response, Netanyahu said, "I did not approve cuts to the theater budget, just like I did not approve cuts in other places. Is a haredi teacher not a teacher? Is a haredi child half a child?"

"These are people, they are our brothers and our sisters. No one will lack funds. This is not the time for baseless hatred," he stressed.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu's office commented on the State budget, which it said would be for "an unprecedented NIS 30 billion budget for a month-and-a-half, which meets the needs of the war."

"The budget will fully meet the defensive and offensive needs of the IDF; look after the families of the hostages, the wounded, the fallen and those who have been murdered, as well as evacuated families in hotels and guest houses; and ensure that the Israeli economy will continue to work and prosper.

"The budget will support reservists, the Tekuma Authority for the rehabilitation of the communities, businesses that have been hurt and emergency squads as well as the health, social welfare and education needs of all citizens of Israel."

The statement added, "The coalition funds have already been cut by over 70%, NIS 1.6 billion, and what remains is designated for civic needs such as teachers' salaries and not any political use. The political debate is over 1% of the overall budget."

"The budget is large and significant because the Israeli economy is stable and strong."