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About 100,000 residents currently live in the haredi city of Beitar Illit. Beitar Illit is located in Gush Etzion in front of the hostile Arab village of Hussan and is surrounded by other Arab villages such as the village of Nachalin on the other side of the city, from where terrorists have already infiltrated Beitar Illit several times. Only with the help of G-d did it end without casualties.

Today, in Beitar Illit there are only about 50 people armed with guns, an extremely low number and cause for concern in view of the alarming security situation and the heavy armament of the enemies.

In light of the situation, Nachman Rabani and Natan Meinart, the founders of the 'Beitar Drone Unit', are running a particularly interesting initiative to protect Beitar Ilit. They are calling on the Jews overseas to take part and participate and help the Jews of Israel get organized quickly, in light of the military failure on Simchat Torah.

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"The citizens of Israel have no choice but to take responsibility for their lives, within the law. Therefore, we established a civil guard and the 'Achim Beitar' along with the drone unit. We are establishing dozens of security units throughout the city of Beitar Illit. We have over 500 volunteers, including security guards, observation personnel and intelligence, medicine and logistics. In order to deal with the serious threats, we have to organize all these volunteers, and train and equip them properly. But we don't have any funding for that," say the two.

The organization “Achim Beitar drone unit” is already in the initial stages to have 2000 residents of the city obtain a weapons license and all the equipment required for that. This includes standby classes, obtaining patrol vehicles and the like.

Be a partner in the purchase of the equipment required for the security teams, as well as in the donation of physical equipment to the organization's two collection complexes in the US and in monetary donations to finance the arms license process.

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Achim Beitar drone unit
Achim Beitar drone unitAchim Beitar drone unit