Yuval Doron Kastelman
Yuval Doron KastelmanCourtesy of the family

Yuval Doron Kestelman, 38 from Mevaseret Zion, was pronounced dead at the hospital on Thursday evening after he suffered critical injuries in the shooting attack at the entrance to Jerusalem on Thursday morning.

Kestelman, an attorney at the Civil Service Commission, was on his way to work when he noticed the attack on the other side of the road. He stopped his car to neutralize the terrorists, but soldiers who were at the scene thought he was a terrorist and shot him.

Kestelman was to have celebrated his birthday on Friday. His family said that Kestelman, who served in the security forces in the past, "was always a hero and the first to jump in to save lives, and he did the same this time.”

Footage from the scene showed Kestelman raising his hands while sitting on his knees on the road when he was shot by the soldiers. He suffered critical injuries and was taken to the hospital where, as noted above, he was pronounced dead on Thursday evening.

Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, Livia Dickman, and Chana Ifergan were also murdered in Thursday’s shooting attack.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) reported that the terrorists who carried out the attack were identified with Hamas and previously served prison terms after being convicted of acts of terrorism.

One of the terrorists has been named as Morad Namer, 38 years old and a resident of Jerusalem. Namer was jailed between the years 2010-2020, for intention to carry out terror attacks directed by Gaza. He is affiliated with Hamas.

The second terrorist was named as Ibrahim Namer, Morad's 30-year-old brother, who is also a resident of Jerusalem and affiliated with Hamas. He served time in 2014, for terror activities.