IDF soldier from the 8200 unit
IDF soldier from the 8200 unitFlash 90

The officer from the IDF SIGINT unit 8200 who provided written warnings of an unusual training exercise by Hamas in the Gaza Strip for the October 7th massacre described in her warning exactly how different the exercise was from proceeding ones.

Kan reports that she wrote "I find it hard to believe that an exercise on this scale is for something imaginary." Her warning included notes about the number of participants in the exercise, including both officers and combat soldiers, and the use of vehicles. According to her report, the exercise included different scenarios such as shooting down planes, taking over Israeli towns, killing IDF soldiers, raising a flag, and attacking public buildings.

"At a rough testament, there were 200 combat soldiers from different terrorist factions actively participating in the exercise, in front of an audience of extremely high-ranking spectators," she wrote. Her report likewise detailed the names and positions of each of the spectators.

In response to her report, one of the officers she sent it to wrote back: "I am totally shocked right now." The Gaza Brigade of the IDF explained the intelligence found: "The inclusion of multiple different systems in this intensive exercise strengthens our assumptions that during offensive operations, the Nukhba force will use all of the capabilities Hamas has available. This is another step towards the 'Wall of Jericho' plan."

"Wall of Jericho" is the code name Israeli forces had assigned to the Hamas invasion plan.

Officers as highly ranked as Lieutenant General took part in the correspondence, and all were from Unit 8200 or the Gaza Brigade. It is unknown if the information discussed was sent to other units, still more highly placed officers, or to political officials.