Yoheved Lifshitz (R) after being released from captivity
Yoheved Lifshitz (R) after being released from captivityGideon Markowicz/TPS

85-year-old Yocheved Lifshitz, who was released from captivity in Gaza about a month ago, has revealed that while she was in captivity, she met Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and admonished him.

"Sinwar was with us three or four days after we arrived," Lifshitz recalled in an interview with the Davar website. "I asked him how he was not ashamed to do such a thing to people who, for all these years, supported peace. He didn't answer. He was silent."

On Tuesday, Lifshitz participated in a rally outside the IDF Central Headquarters in Tel Aviv, calling for the return of the men who are being held hostage as well. She held up a photo of her husband, Oded, 83, who is still being held by Hamas.

"I am here to protest. To bring Oded home. We will continue to demonstrate until all of the hostages return."

Earlier in the week, Israeli analyst and reporter Amit Segal reported that the leader of Hamas in Gaza and the planner of the October 7th massacre met with captured Israelis in one of the tunnels under Gaza. According to the report, one of the women captured recounted how, in the last days of captivity, she told her family that she had met Sinwar in the first days of the war. "He spoke fluent Hebrew to the captives, saying 'Hello, I am Yahya Sinwar. You are safest here. Nothing will happen to you."

Earlier, journalist Ben Caspit, a sworn enemy of Netanyahu, reported that during the last few years, Prime Minister Netanyahu was presented with six different operational plans to assassinate Sinwar by the three most recent directors of the ISA: Yoram Cohen, Nadav Argaman, and Ronen Bar. Netanyahu declined them all. Caspit did not state the reasons they were declined. The War Cabinet recently declared Sinwar and other leaders "dead men walking."