Photos of Israeli hostages in Ukraine
Photos of Israeli hostages in UkraineFJCU

42,000 Hanukkah kits will be given out starting this week to Ukrainian Jewish soldiers on the front lines at the war against Russia, including to the 169 Jewish communities in Ukraine and to Jewish prisoners throughout the country.

Kits were packed around the clock in the large logistics center of the "Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine" (FJCU) in the city of Dnipro, known as the "Capital of Ukrainian Jewish people".

Beside the Hanukkah kits that it's been given out for 32 years, as a deep connection with the Jews of Israel, this year each of them will be accompanied by an A4-sized poster with the name and details of an Israeli hostage, who is being held by the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip. about 180 different picture of the hostages which will be included in hundreds of different packages.

It will be a short explanation of all the entire war, it will appear on the page under the title "Повернути до дому" The translation of "bring them home" in the Ukrainian language.

The boxes will of course also contain menorahs and candles, and a dreidel filled with chocolate coins, a game for children and a fancy explanation of the holiday.

"In each of the many public menorah lightings outside the cities that we will do again this year all over Ukraine together with the rabbis of the cities - Chabad envoys, we will remember the abductees and ask the public to pray for their safety and for their safe return home soon" says Rabbi Mayer Stembler, Chabad Shliach and chairman The "Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine" (FJCU) which stands behind the all operation together with the Chabad representatives in the country.

Like all the last three decades, this year also billboards about Hanukkah will be posted outside the cities in Ukraine.

According to the rabbi. "The Hanukkah holiday is a symbol of the victory of light over darkness, and we are sure that in the two countries that struggle with murderous terrorism, Israel and Ukraine, with God's help, there will be a clear victory for light over the darkness and evil that slaughter children, women and adults.

Chabad Shluchim will once again hold 'Operation Hanukkah' this year with public lightings in the streets of the cities, including community events, and continue to lead Ukrainian Jewish communities despite the challenges. We pray that the Hanukkah holiday who came from the Beis Hmikdosh, we will all march to the Third Beis Hmikdosh very soon".