Sergeant Shaked Dahan
Sergeant Shaked Dahanno credit

Staff Sergeant Tomer Yaakov Ahimas, Sergeant Kiril Brodski and Sergeant Shaked Dahan were killed on October 7th. Hamas announced that it is holding their bodies.

Sigalit, mother of Shaked Dahan, who was killed on October 7th, the day of Hamas’ heinous attack on southern Israel, posted an emotional and painful message to her social network, "I salute you, my beloved and dear Shaked. I fought all my life to take care of you and raise you with love, excellent education, values, a proper environment. I did for you what I had to as a mother.”

“I was able to protect you and safeguard you in many situations. You have been taken from me forever. They took you and did not care to return you. Not even your body. This does not respect you, does not respect your family and certainly does not respect your country. I gave you all the respect you deserved while you were alive, and I will continue to commemorate your memory,” she continued.

“Know that thousands and thousands of people love you. I will not sit shiva for you until your body is returned. I love you forever and ever, my dear child," his mother wrote.

In addition, the names of Staff Sergeant Tomer Yaakov Ahimas and Sergeant Kiril Brodski who were killed on the same day were permitted for publication. The Chief Military Rabbi confirmed their deaths after examining all the findings and based on reliable data.