soldiers in Gaza
soldiers in GazaIDF Spokesperson

Over the last hour, three explosive devices were detonated adjacent to IDF troops in two different locations in the northern Gaza Strip, violating the framework of the operational pause. In one of the locations, terrorists also opened fire at the troops, who responded with fire.

A number of soldiers were lightly injured during the incidents.

In both incidents, the troops were located in positions as per the framework of the operational pause.

The three explosions occurred during the fifth day of the ceasefire, which was extended yesterday (Monday) from its original four days. With the extension of the ceasefire, an additional 20 Israeli hostages will be freed today and tomorrow, ten each day.

A Hamas spokesperson claimed that the terrorist organization was not responsible for the violations of the ceasefire this afternoon. "Our fighters dealt with this violation, we are committed to a truce as long as the enemy has committed to it, and we call on the mediators to press for the occupation to comply with all conditions of the ceasefire on the ground and in the air," he said.