Hostage relative thanks Biden and Macron

Ido Dan, is a relative of Sahar (16) and Erez (12) Kalderon who were released Monday from Hamas captivity. Ofer Kalderon, Sahar and Erez's father, remains in Hamas captivity. Two other family members were murdered.

"I want to share with you with that we just had two of our beloved kids, Sahar who is 16 years old, and Erez who is 12 years old, just being released from the Hamas and landed on this hospital roof with the chopper by the military," Dan said.

"We are full with joy and happiness but at the same time we're we're very worried about their father, my cousin, Ofer Kalderon, who is still in captivity.

"I hope that we can get to the release of the rest of the hostages, all of them and the missing ones since October 7th."

Dan continued, "I'd like to thank President Biden for his amazing support in making this moment a reality and also to the French President Emmanuel Macron and the embassy here in Israel, the French Embassy, for their amazing support."

He also thanked "the mediators - Qatar and Egypt - who everybody understands that without their role in the Middle East and in this crisis this release could never happen. We would need you guys, Egypt and Qatar, moving forward."

"I'd like to to thank all the Israeli citizens for being extremely supportive. This is heartwarming and it makes us stronger everyday. Thank you so much and may we see all the missing ones and the hostages back home soon."