Mother didn’t receive medication, she overcame major trauma

Carmit Palty Katzir, daughter of Chana Katzir who was released from Hamas captivity, released a video statement detailing how the morning of October 7 unfolded, and on her mother's situation immediatley following her release.

Carmit’s father was murdered in the October 7 massacre, and her brother was kidnapped.

"My name is Carmit Palty Katzir, originally from Kibbutz Nir Oz," she began. "On October 7th, my father was murdered in the shelter. My mother was kidnapped to Gaza along with my brother who also lives in the kibbutz."

"It was a black day filled with fear, uncertainty, shock and above everything, we were unable to digest the situation.

"We lost contact with my parents after 9:30am and I was the one who last spoke to my brother. I called him and he told me, 'I cannot speak - the terrorists are in my house.' That was the last we heard from him."

She continued, "Two videos of my mother were released: one of her being kidnapped and the other was publicized by the Islamic Jihad, where we see my mother speaking words that were not her own. We were happy to see a sign of life and simultaneously filled with worry."

"In the last week, the Islamic Jihad released a video saying that my mother was to be released due to humanitarian issues, and a few days after they publicized that she was dead.

"Last Thursday, we were told my mother was to be released. We were very happy but also wanted to keep a low profile due to the uncertainty of negotiations with terrorists.

"When we saw her at the hospital, the reunion was filled with emotions. She immediately asked about my father, who she didn’t know was murdered and my brother, who she didn’t know was kidnapped. She wasn’t in a good medical state seeing as she didn’t receive the medication she needed, she lost 20 kilos and obviously overcame a major trauma.

"We’re ecstatic that my mother has returned but we’re still fighting for my brother, Elad and all the other hostages who are still held under Hamas."