Ruti Munder
Ruti MunderIDF Spokesperson's Unit

78-year-old Ruti Munder, who was held captive by Hamas for 50 days, along with her daughter Keren and grandson Ohad, spoke in an interview with Channel 13 News about the difficult conditions she experienced.

"It was stuffy, we weren’t permitted to open the curtains. I just opened a window, so I could have some air. We slept on chairs, like we were waiting in a hospital, without a mattress," said Munder, who was freed from Hamas captivity this past Friday.

She added that she heard that her son Roi was murdered in the Hamas attack on October 7 while listening to the radio. She also said, "This is the longest time I've been with my daughter and my grandson together, in a closed and crowded place, with each other. I was optimistic, I understood that if we were alive, it meant they murdered whoever they wanted to murder at Nir Oz, where they also murdered my son."

About her abduction on October 7, she said, "When they took us out of the protected room, I realized that we were being kidnapped. They took us to one of the entrances of the kibbutz, we drove through the fields and saw what was being looted. We sat in the back, and the one who took us covered us with the blanket that Ohad took, so that we wouldn't see other people."

On the long days in captivity, Munder said, "We would get up late, the boys went to bed late, and the girls would sometimes cry. It was very difficult. At night we covered ourselves with a sheet, that's all we had, not everyone always had it. The boys who were with us slept under the benches, on the floor, because we wanted them to be with us, so that they will not be alone."

Regarding the food, she said, "We ate chicken with rice, and all kinds of canned goods and cheese, we managed."