Goldstein-Almog family members meet
Goldstein-Almog family members meetSchneider Children's Hospital spokesperson

The members of the Goldstein-Almog family, who were released from captivity on Sunday night and returned to Israel, were reunited with their family at Schneider Children’s Hospital.

The family members who were released, 9-year-old Tal, 11-year-old Gal, 17-year-old Agam and their mother Chen, stayed in the designated complex at the hospital.

The family lived in Kfar Aza from where they were kidnapped on Saturday, October 7. Nadav, the father of the family, and Yam, the eldest daughter, were murdered.

Earlier on Monday evening, the IDF published a moving video of the family members' return to Israel from Hamas captivity.

תיעוד מחזרתם ארצה משבי חמאס של משפחת גולדשטיין-אלמוגדובר צה"ל