free after over 50 days
free after over 50 dayscourtesy of families

The release of the fourth group of Israeli hostages from Hamas captivity is underway the IDF confirmed. 11 hostages, including nine children and two mothers, are being returned to Israel tonight (Monday). In addition to the Israeli hostages who are being freed, six Thai nationals who were abducted on October 7 have also been freed.

The Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum headquarters published the names of all of the Israeli hostages who are being released tonight.

Or Yaacov (16)
Or is a kid with a delicate and sensitive soul, attuned to others’ feelings, polite, quiet, and introverted.
He’s innocent, lovable, and sweet. An excellent student. Or is addicted to Fortnite, loves working out in the gym, and follows various influencers and YouTubers in the field of fitness. He enjoys peace and quiet. He is self-disciplined and determined and knows how to set goals for himself and achieve them.
Very independent and it’s important for him to work so he can buy things for himself. His father Yair remains in Hamas captivity.

Yagil Yaacov (12)
Yagil loves being the center of attention and is always surrounded by his friends. He is the girls' favorite, and the class clown, always making everyone crack up. A 12-year-old who acts like he’s 22.
Extremely sharp and quick-thinking, charismatic, and draws people to him. No one can compete against his charm and appeal. Yagil loves being loud, and listening to music at full volume, especially in the shower - loves singers Omer Adam and Eden Hason. He’s into fashion and designer brands and has a lot of style. Has a very popular TikTok account. He’s a curious kid always finding himself new activities to pursue. Mostly hangs out with his friends and plays soccer. His father Yair remains in Hamas captivity.

Sharon Aloni Cunio (34)
The personal advisor for the Head of Ashkol Regional Council. The twins Emma and Yuli are the love of her life. When she worked in Public Relations for a film, she met David, the movie's lead actor. The two fell in love and have been together ever since. Her husband, David, and his brother Ariel remain in Hamas captivity.

Emma Aloni Cunio (3)
Emma is 3 years old. She is an open-hearted and amazing child, full of love. A true kibbutz girl who prefers trucks and mechanical tools over dolls. Her father David remains in Hamas captivity.

Yuli Aloni Cunio (3)
Yuli is 3 years old. In the past Yuli was shy, and in the weeks before her kidnapping she became more open and smiley to her surroundings. Full of love. A true kibbutz girl who shares her sister’s love for trucks and tools, not dolls. Her father David remains in Hamas captivity.

Sahar Kalderon (16)
Kind and charming, Sahar is full of creativity. She loves art, drawing, sculpting clay, and listening to Korean pop and Billie Eilish. She also plays the bass guitar.
She’s into fashion and makeup. Loves her friends and is very well-liked. She deeply cares for people and animals and is very attached to the whole family. Helps taking care of her younger brother.
She does yoga and was very close with her grandmother Carmela Dan who was murdered on October 7th - they liked playing chess together, card games, and baking cookies. Her father Ofer remains in Hamas captivity.

Erez Kalderon (12)
A charming and lovable boy.
He has an amazing sense of humor, very cynical, like a standup comedian.
You can’t fool him - he reads between the lines and picks up on everything.
He plays the trumpet. He has a horse named Tinkerbell that he rides and in general, loves animals. Always wants to bring home rabbits, hamsters, cats, and dogs.
Erez rides mountain bikes and is on the cycling team. He likes going on jeep rides with his dad.
Erez likes soccer, ping pong, and hanging out with friends. Like many kids his age he likes video games and spends a lot of time on his phone. His father Ofer remains in Hamas captivity.

Karina Engel-Bart (52)
Karina holds her entire family together. She and her husband Ronen met at a dog park. Karina works in accounting and makes the tastiest schnitzels in the world. She recently recovered from breast cancer after two years of treatments and surgeries; unfortunately, she and her family were just returning to routine when they were kidnapped. She is still receiving medication for her condition. She, her husband, and their two daughters were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz. Her husband Ronen remains a Hamas captive.

Mika Engel (18)
Mika, 18 years old, volunteers with children in schools and after-school programs—mainly with special needs children. She has always wanted to contribute as much as possible. Beloved everywhere she goes, she is always surrounded by friends. A fan of rapper Tuna, she knows his songs by heart and forces her whole family to listen to them. She loves animals and receives therapy for PTSD stemming from bombardments she experienced since she was a young child.

Yuval Engel (11)
Everyone calls Yuval "Yuvi." She enjoys riding horses and raising her two dogs. Sharp, funny, and amazing, Yuvi is in the kibbutz youth movement and loves hiking with her family. An energetic ball of laughs, she is impossible not to love. Loves her mother's schnitzels. Crazy about swimming and the pool, Yuvi also has a passion for her mother's schnitzels.

Eitan Yahalomi (12)
Eitan, the oldest child and the heart of the family, is a very sensitive boy with a big heart and immense empathy for others. He always protects the vulnerable.
Eitan is loved by those around him, and has inherited his father’s charisma. He spends all his time with friends. He really loves football, and has been in a football club since first grade. Proud to make Ashkol's league, Eitan happily wore the number 11 shirt.
Eitan is a very smart and outstanding student, and was in 2nd grade and was accepted to the gifted students program. Eitan also really loves reading books, especially fantasy books. Eitan is also a very sensitive boy and has anxieties. He and his father, Ohad, were kidnapped to Gaza.

Residents of Kibbutz Nir Oz, one of the communities that was hardest hit in the massacre of October 7, have confirmed that all 11 Israeli hostages who were released this evening are from their community.

Out of the remaining hostages being held in Gaza, 49 are from Nir Oz. This list includes women, men, children, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers.

Osnat Peri, the Head of the Kibbutz said: “The news this evening brings a sigh of relief to our community, however we remain deeply concerned about our loved ones that are still held hostage. We demand the return of all hostages, immediately, whatever it takes.”

The Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum headquarters said, "The families' headquarters welcome the release of the hostages tonight. However, we remain concerned and want to emphasize that all the children released today still have fathers in Hamas captivity.

"We won’t rest until they are reunited and all the hostages are back home. Bring them back now," the statement added.